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12 Foot Industrial Tape...

A perfect addition to any toolbox, this Industrial Tape Measure features a durable design with a self-retractable metal blade with a locking mechanism, plastic shell with a rubberized outer grip and a nylon hanging cord for easy storage. Measures up to 12 feet long. Tape is approximately 0.625" wide. Comes packaged in a clam shell.
Price $31.67

16 oz. Fiberglass Hammer

Get the job done right with this heavy duty 16-Ounce Fiberglass Hammer. Features a soft, comfortable non-slip grip to prevent accidents and make work easier. Measures approximately 12.75" x 5.5" x 2". Comes packaged with a wrap around tag and a poly bag over the top.
Price $21.27

31-Piece Ratchet...

An essential and versatile tool set, this 31-Piece Ratchet Screwdriver Wrench Set is great to have around the house or workshop. The high grade alloy steel set includes one ratchet wrench, two precision screwdrivers and 28 bits. The bits have magnetic tips for a secure hold and are conveniently labeled and organized into four blocks. The tools have rubber grip handles for increased torque. Comes packaged in a clam shell.
Price $16.90

4 In 1 Screwdriver Set

A perfect addition to the toolbox, this 4 In 1 Screwdriver Set features a cushion grip handle for extra comfort and traction. Ideal for keeping organized, bits fit conveniently in the handle. Tips include: 1/4" slotted, 3/16" slotted, #2 phillips and #2 hex. Measures approximately 7" long without tips. Comes packaged in a clam shell.
Price $42.74

Acrylic Baby Yarn

Perfect for baby blankets, booties, sweaters and more, this Acrylic Baby Yarn features soft, durable yarn in vibrant colors. Colors include light blue, royal blue, pink, red, olive green and pastel yellow. Each spool comes with approximately 85 yards. Suggested knitting needle 6 and crochet hook H8. Hand wash cool or warm and dry flat--no machine. Comes packaged with a wrap around.
Price $46.80

Adhesive Magnet Strips

Great for posting notes, calendars, homework, keys and much more, these Adhesive Magnet Strips are easy to use and make any surface magnetic. Just cut to desired length. Measures approximately 30" x 1/2". Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $35.57

Alkaline Button Cell Batteries

Perfect for watches, cameras, games, calculators, radios, remote controls and more, this 20-piece Alkaline Button Cell Batteries Set includes four different battery sizes: AG1/364, AG3/392, AG4/377 and AG13/357. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $34.94

All Weather Electrical Tape

Ideal for splicing, installation and repairing electric components, this 2-piece All Weather Electrical Tape Set is heavy duty and made of abrasion resistant plastic. Tape is 3/4" wide and each roll contains at least 40'. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $38.69

All-In-One Sewing Kit

Great for general repairs and sewing, this 28-piece All-In-One Sewing Kit is the perfect essential set. Set includes: 16 mini colored spools of thread, 4 needles, 1 threader, 1 thimble, 4 buttons, a pair of mini scissors and a tape measure. Approximate measurements: spools are 0.75" tall with at least 10 feet of thread. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $33.70

All-Purpose Cotton String

Great for a variety of household tasks and projects, this 2-piece High Quality Cotton String Set features multi-thread string interwoven into ball shapes. Measurements of string in round shape is approximately 2 3/4 " x 2 1/4". Comes packaged in a poly bag with a header card.
Price $46.18

Auto Registration &...

Perfect for keeping important automobile information readily available, this Auto Registration and Insurance Case features a black durable plastic car document wallet with an auto and writing in gold on the cover. Measures approximately 5 1/8" x 4 5/8" and is flat until filled. A hook and loop closure holds documents safe within the 2 inner clear pockets. Comes packaged on a hanging panel.
Price $30.89

Auto Seat Side Organizer

Keep frequently used items in easy reach with this convenient Auto Seat Side Organizer. Perfect for holding cell phones, glasses, drinks, pens, notes and more, it features durable, reinforced nylon construction with two expanding mesh pockets and one zipper pocket. Simply hang from headrest with hook & loop strap. Measures approximately 14.5" x 4.9". Comes packaged in an individual box. Box measures approximately 5.25" x 0.75" x 14.5".
Price $30.58

Auto Sun Side Shade

Protect your car from sun damage and heat with this Auto Sun Side Shade featuring a compact shade that opens and folds instantly and is made of see-through mesh that reduces glare. Attaches easily with suction cup. Measures approximately 16 3/4" x 14". Comes packaged in a poly bag with a header card.
Price $33.70

Barrel Bolt with Screws

Secure doors with this high quality Barrel Bolt featuring durable metal construction. Measures approximately 3" x 1.5". Includes screws for installation. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $30.89

Battery Booster Cables

Great to have in cars in case of emergencies, these 12' 150 AMP Battery Booster Cables will jump start an engine with ease. Cables will not tangle and feature color coded clamps. Instructions for use are located on back of bag. Comes packaged inside a zippered carrying bag with a handle. Comes loose.
Price $16.77

Battery Organizer with...

Keeps all types of batteries organized for easy access with this Battery Organizer featuring a durable plastic case with slots for all kinds of batteries and an integrated LED power tester. Organizer holds up to 72 batteries. It easily stores in drawers and cabinets and can also be mounted to walls - mounting hardware included. Measures approximately 12" x 6.5". Comes packaged in an individual box. Box measures approximately 12.25" x 1.5" x 6.5".
Price $26.00

Black Sewing Thread Set

Perfect for a variety of sewing needs, this 3-piece Black Sewing Thread Set comes with 3 spools of black cotton blend thread. Each spool includes at least 150 yards of thread. Spools are approximately 1.5" tall. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $32.76

Blind Spot Mirror

Safely see all around you with this convenient Blind Spot Mirror featuring an adhesive back making it easy to stick up anywhere. Measures approximately 3" wide. Mirror comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $30.89

Blue All Purpose Scissors

A home, school and office essential, these sturdy 8" Blue All Purpose Scissors feature stainless steel cutting blades and comfortable plastic handles. Comes packaged with a hanging panel.
Price $35.57

Brass Cup Hooks

Perfect for hanging coffee mugs, cups and more, this 20-piece Brass Cup Hooks Set features metal question mark-shaped hooks for exterior and interior use. Hooks measure approximately 1.25" long. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $19.81

Brass Hinge Set with Screws

Great for any door, this 2-piece Brass Hinge Set features durable machined hinges for precise installation and smooth movement. Each pack comes with 2 hinges and 12 slotted screws. Each hinge measures approximately 3" long. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $43.06

Camping Light Set

Perfect for camping and emergencies, this 3-piece Camping Light Set features an 11 LED lantern with a handle, a 9 LED mini flash light with a carry strap and a 10 LED head lamp with 3 light modes and a comfortable elastic strap to keep you prepared for any low light or dark situation. Lantern requires 3 'AA' batteries and flash light and head lamp each require 3 'AAA' batteries (not included). Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $19.05

Car Vent Mount Phone Holder

Mount your device for easy view with this Car Vent Mount Phone Holder featuring a durable plastic shockproof holder that easily attaches to vents with a clip. Fits phones from 2" to 3.34" wide. Comes packaged in a clam shell.
Price $32.37

Car Wash Sponge

Easily clean your car without scratching surfaces with this durable foam Car Wash Sponge featuring a peanut shape that is easily held in hands. Sponges measure approximately 8 1/4" long. Comes in assorted colors. Comes packaged in a net bag with a hang tag.
Price $38.69

Carbon Steel Hacksaw Blades

Designed for homeowners, plumbers, electricians and mechanics, this 4-piece Hacksaw Blades Set features shatterproof serrated blades made of flexible carbon steel. Each blade measures approximately 12" x 1/2" x 24T. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $32.45

Carbon Steel Hacksaw Blades...

Designed for homeowners, plumbers, electricians and mechanics, this 6-piece Hacksaw Blades Set features strong, serrated blades made of flexible carbon steel. Blades measure approximately 12" x 1/2" x 24T. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $33.07

Carton Cutter with Extra...

Perfect for home or professional use, this Carton Cutter features a fully retractable blade for your safety with a lightweight all-steel handle. Comes with five extra single edge blades. Blades measure approximately 1 1/2" long and cutter is 4" long x 3/4" wide. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $37.13

Chalk Line Reel

Ideal for at home or on the job site, this 100' Chalk Line Reel features a durable plastic case with a universal hook and aluminum reeling handle. It can be used for marking perfect straight line layouts for cement construction, parking lot stripping, road building, roof repair, new construction and more. Lays chalk line on brick, stone, wood, shingles and more. Comes packaged on a blister card.
Price $46.18

Claw Pick-Up Tool

Easily pick up small objects in hard to reach places with this Claw Pick-Up Tool featuring a strong, compact metal claw in a durable, flexible coiled metal arm with a plastic plunge handle with metal spring tension. Press the handle to expose and engage the claw. Measures approximately 2' long with a 0.5" wide claw tip. Comes packaged to a tie card.
Price $23.87

Clear Packing Tape

Designed for wrapping and sealing, this Clear Packing Tape features durable transparent plastic tape with strong adhesive for secure sealing. Roll measures approximately 2" x 125' with a 3" core diameter. Comes shrink wrapped with UPC label.
Price $30.19

Color Coded Jump Start Cables

An automobile must-have, these Jump Start Cables feature copper color coded clamps and are designed to not tangle. Includes an illustrated guide and important safety instructions for proper use on the package. Measures approximately 8 feet long. Comes packaged in a wrap around.
Price $37.51

Colored Jumbo Paper Clips

Great for school, home or office, this 6-piece Jumbo Paper Clips Set is plastic-coated in green, yellow, white, blue, red and pink. They are large in size, which is perfect for holding big stacks of paper. Each clip measures approximately 4" long with a 1" width. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $45.86

Compact Sewing Kit

Perfect for stowing away in cars, office drawers or taking on vacation, this Compact Sewing Kit is ideal for quick, easy repairs and comes with everything you need to fix fashion emergencies. Includes: four white buttons, four safety pins, four snap clips, two needles, one pair of scissors, one needle threader, one thimble, one tape measure and nine spools of thread in white, pink, yellow, light blue, red, green, navy blue, grey and black. All of this is packed into a compact size black plastic case. Case measures 3 1/4" x 4 3/4". Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $57.41

Compact Sewing Kit in Case

Perfect for travel or on the go, this Compact Sewing Kit has everything you need for fashion emergencies. Compact case includes six colored threads, two needles, two buttons, two snaps, one safety pin, one threader, tweezers, three pins and a pair of mini scissors. This is a great item to have in your purse, car, at the office or when traveling. Comes in assorted colors. Case measures approximately 2 1/2" x 2 3/4". Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $39.94

Compact Tool Set in Storage...

Great to have around the house, workshop or in the car, this 44-piece Compact Tool Set in Storage Case is easy to use and has everything you need for common repairs. Set includes: 1 utility knife, 8 hex key wrenches, 4 precision screwdrivers, 1 ratchet handle with 2 extension pieces, an 8-piece socket set and a 20-piece bit set, all inside a durable plastic storage case with an easy snap closure. Case measures approximately 8.75" x 4.75" x 2.125". Comes packaged in an individual box. Box measures approximately 5" x 2.375" x 9.25".
Price $18.38

Coping Saw with Plastic Handle

A great tool for carpenters or home craftsmen, this Coping Saw features heavy duty steel blades that are great for cutting into small tight places and a comfortable plastic handle. Blade measures approximately 5" long and the entire saw is 8.5" long x 4" wide. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $33.38

Correction Tape

Great for home, school or office, this Correction Tape is faster, easier and more accurate than regular correction fluid. Measures approximately 3 1/2" long x 1 3/4" wide. Includes 9 1/2' of tape. Comes in assorted colors. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $33.38

Crochet Hook Set

Ideal for creating hats, socks, scarves and more, this 4-piece Crochet Hook Set comes with the following hooks: #10 1.3mm, #7 1.65mm, #1 2.75mm and #0 3.25mm. Hooks measures approximately 4 3/4" long. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $33.70

Decorative LED Tea Light...

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this 2-piece Decorative LED Tea Light Candles Set is long lasting, reusable, cool to the touch and doesn't burn out. No need to worry about messy wax or a burning flame. Candles measure approximately 1.5" in diameter x 0.75" tall. Includes two button cell batteries. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $32.45

Deluxe Paint Brushes

Ideal for home or professional use, this 3-piece Deluxe Paint Brush Set features wood handled paint brushes with nylon bristles to soak paint and evenly coat surfaces and contoured handles for grip and comfort. Comes in three assorted sizes: 1" x 7 3/4" (small brush), 1 1/2" x 8" (medium brush) and 2" x 8 1/8" (large brush). Comes packaged in a poly bag with a header card.
Price $46.18

Dial Tire Gauge

An automobile must-have, this Dial Tire Gauge features durable plastic construction and KPa and PSI readings. Gauge retains reading until reset. Checking tire pressure regularly helps improve gas mileage and reduce tire wear. Measures approximately 3 1/2" long. Nozzle is about 1 3/4" long. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $46.18

Diamond Braid Multi-Purpose...

Ideal for camping, boating and yard work, this Diamond Braid Multi-Purpose Rope is lightweight, flexible and resistant to most chemicals as well as oil, rot and water. Measures approximately 100 feet long with a 3/8" diameter. Not recommended for loads over 175 pounds. Comes packaged with a wrap around.
Price $16.51

Door Handles with Hardware

Replace old or broken doors, drawers or gates with this set of door handles. Great for interior and exterior applications. Set includes 2 brass colored handles and 8 screws. Handles measure approximately 4" long. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $41.81

Drain Cleaner with Storage...

Save plumber's costs by clearing drains yourself with this Drain Cleaner featuring an easy and effective wound metal tool with a small handle in a durable plastic storage unit that is approximately 6" wide. It is great for unclogging kitchen and bath drain pipes. Comes packaged on a tie card.
Price $57.92

Drill Bit Set

Drill bits are a toolbox necessity. Each pack comes with 10 drill bits in the following sizes: 1/16", 5/65", 11/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 11/64", 3/16", 13/64". Bits are packaged in a poly bag with header card.
Price $36.73

Dual Head Auto Brush

Keep your car dust-free with this convenient Dual Head Auto Brush, a convenient and multi-purpose cleaning tool for fast cleaning. This duster and detailer brush is perfect for easy cleaning of car dashboards, vents, radios and other hard to reach places. The mop is designed for cleaning large, easily accessible surfaces and the nylon detailer is created for small, hard-to-reach areas. Measures approximately 12.5" long. Comes packaged to a tie card.
Price $36.82

DVD & CD Lens Cleaner

Great for improving sound and visual quality, this disc style DVD & CD Lens Cleaner removes stains on players' optical heads, which causes deterioration and impaired performance. The cleaning disc includes a soft brush to ensure thorough and reliable cleaning without any harm to the sensitive coated lens. Comes packaged in a blister pack.
Price $58.03

Elastic Stretch Cord Set

A home and auto essential, this 2-piece Elastic Stretch Cord Set offers unlimited uses in cars, garages, homes, gardens and more. Each cord has soft plastic covered metal hook ends. Set comes with 2 stretch cords - one green and one red. Cords measure approximately 42" long. Comes packaged in a poly bag with a header card.
Price $31.20